The MBA-application process is multifaceted. I can help you with the following, whether you are applying for a Full-Time MBA, Part-Time MBA, or Executive MBA.

  • Candidacy assessment and pre-application action plan to bolster your chances of acceptance
  • MBA-program selection
  • Overall application strategy
  • MBA-essay brainstorming, essay outlines, and essay editing
  • Resume refinement
  • Recommendations (selecting and preparing recommenders, and strengthening recommendations)
  • Online application forms
  • MBA-interview preparation (including mock interviews)
  • Waitlist strategy
  • Ding analysis
  • Reapplication

I charge $240/hour for 15 hours or more, $270/hour for 5+ up to 15 hours, and $300/hour for 1 to 5 hours. For rush jobs (less than 24-hour turnaround), I charge a 25% premium. I do not offer packages, but I do offer estimates for the particular schools to which you plan to apply.

I can assist you in planning and executing your MBA-application strategy from the outset, or can help you strengthen your material and polish it to a fine finish. Most clients engage me to work with them on their overall application strategy, essays, and resume. To give an example, I put in about 16 to 22 hours to work on those items for most clients applying to Stanford and HBS this past year. The amount of time I spend on other services such as helping with recommendations and online application forms or providing mock interviews depends on how much input clients would like from me. Tell me to which schools you would like to apply and I will supply you with an estimate.

Feel free to contact me if you would like assistance with applications for graduate programs other than the MBA. I have had success with those applying to medical, law, and master’s programs. I also craft professional resumes and cover letters, and provide career counseling.