I am grateful that my clients have entrusted me to be their MBA-admissions consultant. Some have generously shared their kind words below:

“I had been referred to Deborah by two friends who said she makes dreams come true. And they were right! She helped me from start to finish, first giving me pointers during my GMAT studying and school research. To assist me with my essays, she facilitated my personal introspection, probing deeply into all aspects of my life and helping me ‘connect the dots.’  Deborah kept challenging me to produce creative, captivating stories about which I felt passionate instead of the bland writing that adcoms see by the thousands. I look back on those essays and I am very proud to have written them. She is also brutally honest and her editing is unparalleled; she can reduce two lines to two words with her laser-pointed editing pen. When it came time for my interviews, I felt Deborah had prepared me well. Finally, she helped to keep me sane during those nerve-wracking times between submission and acceptance. She did all of this while ensuring that we had a lot of fun. Thanks to Deborah’s help, I was accepted at HBS, Stanford, and Wharton in the 1st round. For this I am thankful and can’t recommend her enough.” – F.A., Stanford Graduate School of Business

“Before I began my MBA-application process, I intensely debated the merits and demerits of using an MBA consultant, and actually decided against the idea. That is, until a first-year Harvard MBA whom I met gave Deborah the most outrageous recommendation of all time. True to form, she was everything she was made out to be and more—brilliant, passionate about her work, insanely well read (even about Nigeria and Africa at large, from where I was applying), and unbelievable at bringing forth my creativity. Working with Deborah was definitely dose after dose of tough love from start to finish, which given my so-so profile—strong undergrad credentials, work experience, and extracurriculars, but rather underwhelming GMAT score—was exactly what I needed. In the end, my essays were right on the money and this fall I’ll be a first-year at my business school of choice. If you are on the fence like I was, Deborah is well worth every cent, a true game changer!” — O.G., Harvard Business School

“It was great experience for me to work with Deborah. Even though we worked through emails only [the client lived overseas and could not use Skype], her prompt responses, dynamic interaction, and thorough comments made me feel that she was working right next to me. Her replies were always immediate and I could easily see that she gave her work 100%, which made her service superior. She guided me through the whole process, from brainstorming to coaching me in writing my MBA-admissions essays. She always gave me insightful feedback regarding how to improve my essays, which made them stronger. Thanks to Deborah’s help, I was accepted at Wharton and Stanford.” — R.B., Stanford Graduate School of Business

“A friend of mine recommended Deborah to me, and so I decided to give her a call for a free consultation. At the time, I wasn’t 100% convinced about using a consultant, but after my conversation with Deborah I was confident that working with her was the right decision. I was very impressed with her thoughts on how to best position my experiences and skills for each school I was applying to. Thanks to her help, I got into both Harvard and Wharton, and couldn’t be happier! During the process, Deborah was not afraid to challenge me at every step. If you’re looking for a ‘yes-man,’ that is not Deborah! There were several times where we disagreed on strategy or Deborah told me we should go in a different direction. This open and frank dialogue was invaluable. That being said, if my heart was set on something, Deborah would offer her advice, but always respect that the ultimate decision was mine. Overall, I’m very glad I decided to work with Deborah and I’m so excited about attending HBS!” — T.W., Harvard Business School

“Having been accepted at Stanford, Wharton, and MIT, I’m really grateful to have heard about Deborah from a friend (now accepted at HBS). Using her services was the best decision I made for getting me here. Deborah was incredibly helpful in raising insightful questions as she read through my draft essays, and the comments she provided drastically changed the quality of my essays and improved my positioning. Initially, I was skeptical about MBA-admissions consultants and went with Deborah based only on the excellent feedback I got during my application process. I would recommend her services to anyone with no reservations.” — P.W., Stanford Graduate School of Business

“I had been referred to Deborah by a friend who spoke very highly of her. She helped me from start to finishfrom defining my personal brand to customizing my resume for adcoms and guiding me in writing my essays. When I was putting together my application, Deborah was extremely valuable in helping me to synthesize the many ideas in my head into concise, cohesive essays that best promoted my personal brand. She also helped me to find the right details in my experience to ‘show’ instead of ‘tell’ who I am. Thanks to Deborah’s help, I was accepted at HBS, Stanford, and Wharton in the first round. For this I am thankful and can’t recommend her enough.” — W.L., Harvard Business School

“If I had a ‘do-over’ during this phase of my life, I would have contacted Deborah sooner instead of having to go through the MBA application process TWICE. After interviewing at HBS, Wharton, Haas, and Kellogg last year, and not making the final cut, I knew I needed someone to help me better articulate myself. I contacted Deborah, hoping that she could coach me for the last leg of that race on my second go-around—interviewing at HBS. She EXCEEDED my initial expectations. Through our phone conversations and instant messaging, she canvassed my background, homed in on my strengths, and articulated my messaging. She put 110% into preparation and provided support at every step of the way. She was one of the first people I thanked when I received my HBS admission. I am truly grateful for Deborah’s help and wholeheartedly recommend her!” — J.C., Harvard Business School

“In an application season many have called the most competitive ever, I was accepted to Wharton, Kellogg, and Booththis would not have been possible without Deborah’s help. While Deborah is adept at wordsmithing, it was her mastery of and passion for facilitating self-reflection that truly enabled me to take my applications to the next level. Our brainstorming sessions and subsequent conversations/email exchanges were extremely thought provoking, helping me to craft essays that were introspective, heartfelt, and rich. I wholeheartedly recommend Deborah’s servicesshe is most assuredly a difference maker.” — J.R., The Wharton School

“Deborah’s service really made the difference for me during the application process. I was coming from a military background with limited business knowledge, and Deborah helped me more effectively frame my goals and showcase the strengths of my experience. She was also extremely flexible in working around my unpredictable schedule when I was deployed overseas. Throughout the essay-writing process, her feedback was direct and her editing was efficient—which is exactly what I was looking for.  I was admitted to Stern and Wharton with scholarships despite a below-average GMAT score and GPA.” — T.A., The Wharton School

“I was accepted at Wharton and Columbia—these stats alone show how useful the feedback was that I got from Deborah. Before working with her, I had been troubled about how to connect all my diverse career experiences (retail, fashion modeling, legal research, construction, and engineering) to make a case for getting my MBA and going into real estate development, but after our first phone interview, we were able to create an intriguing story based on my background. Deborah also successfully pointed out the gaps in my essays regarding leading, being creative, and handling failure; and transformed my resume into a winner by highlighting my unique contributions to each company for which I worked. Finally, since English is my second language, Deborah helped me polish my essays by identifying grammatical errors. Overall, if you plan to obtain an MBA and have a high aspiration to attend one of the top 10 business schools, I highly recommend that you consult with Deborah!” — A.F., The Wharton School

“KELLOGG!!!! MY DREAM SCHOOL! Thanks so much, Deborah. I truly believe your assistance in this process was instrumental to my acceptance. That is the first school I heard from (and the most important one)! I’m so happy that I got in. Thanks so much!” — N.B., Kellogg School of Management

“Working with Deborah not only allowed me to refine ‘my story’ for business school, but more importantly, it also helped me to clarify what I wanted to accomplish with my MBA. Her knowledge of the top programs, experience with other applicants, and sincere interest in my goals made her a great partner throughout several nerve-wracking months. As a result of our collaboration, I was accepted to my top choice and can’t wait to begin classes in Evanston next fall. Thanks again, Deborah!” — C.P., Kellogg School of Management

“I just received my acceptance letter to the program today. I literally jumped out of my chair, without noticing our chairman a few feet away! I have no doubt that I would not have been able to do this without your help. In the future, please let me know if you need any sort of references. It was a great experience working with youI really did enjoy it and also learned a lot.” — J.X., University of Chicago Booth School of Business

“My case was a bit unique as I had only three weeks to complete my application for Chicago Booth. Deborah took time to understand my background, personality, strengths, and uniqueness, digging into my background and brain to identify themes that could drive my essaysnot all MBA admissions consultants do this, trust me. Very thorough, she put an amazing amount of attention into each and every aspect of the essays. Last but not least, I always felt that she gave 100%, even emailing me at one point thoughts that had come to her while she was at the dentist one day! Had it not been for her experience, thoroughness, and clarity of thought, my essays wouldn’t have been as strong, personally reflective, unique, and complete given my tight timeframe. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking advice regarding their resume, essays, and MBA application as a whole.” — N.A., University of Chicago Booth School of Business

“Deborah interviewed me to better assess my application’s strengths and weaknesses, and then helped me refine my MBA essays accordingly. Her precise and probing questions not only gave her insight into my application profile, but also made me reflect more deeply and better articulate my short- and long-term goals. In addition to helping me with the essays, Deborah gave me tips on various business schools, their admissions-committee policies, strictness about essay word limits, etc. Having had a great experience working with her on my MBA-application essays, I sought her services for a Berkeley scholarship essay just four days before the deadline and she made time for me. Impressed by the quality of Deborah’s services and her high degree of professionalism, I recommended her to my friend, who shared a similar experience. [See A.F. above.] R.U., University of California-Berkeley Haas School of Business

“As soon as you speak with Deborah, it’s evident that you’ve got a thoughtful, insightful, and extremely bright individual in your corner. I came in with a single goal: Columbia GSB or bust, which certainly wasn’t a lay-up with my numbers. Deborah helped me articulate my goals and develop ‘my story’ in a very organic and honest way. She’s an invaluable resource, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to any applicant.” — J.H., Columbia Business School

“I was accepted at Yale and NYU, and cannot thank Deborah enough for her help over the last eight months. I did not realize the application process would be a journey of soul searching and discovery that would force me to look at my life and trace back events that have profoundly affected the course of my existence. There is absolutely no way I could have done it without Deborah and working with her was a wonderful experience. Her tailored, friendly, enthusiastic approach helped me navigate the MBA-application process, figure out the best schools for me, develop a comprehensive game plan, and get into two top programs. I came into the process with no idea about how to best articulate my story/strengths and how to distinguish myself from other highly qualified candidates. Through the initial phone conversation followed by multiple email exchanges and phone calls, she helped me perfect every portion of my MBA applications, from the essays to the resume and interviews. I would recommend her services to anyone looking to apply to top business schools.” — A.I., Yale School of Management

“I was referred to Deborah after being rejected from one school and having submitted a sub-par application to another. We spoke on the phone, cross-country, for over two hours as she asked probing questions to try to get a feel for my ‘story.’ This interview proved far more useful than my previous attempts at introspection, and after agreeing on an approach, I went off to write some first drafts. Over the span of six weeks, she helped me refine and whittle my essays down to size. When I received interview invitations, she conducted mock interviews to help build my poise and confidence. I’m now happy to report that I’ll be attending Yale SOM! You have to have your own story and write your own essays, but nobody can help you uncover that story and tell it as well as Deborah can.” — T.S., Yale School of Management

“Though my GMAT score was below the average range for the schools to which I was applying, Deborah was very encouraging (while still realistic) throughout my application process and was instrumental in my acceptance at NYU Stern. She helped me to craft unique and interesting essays, highlight my distinctive strengths and potential contribution to the class, tackle challenges (many jobs in a short time), address future goals, and overhaul my resume. Though writing business school essays can be an arduous process, Deborah helped take me through it in a way that made it almost enjoyable. Her availability, constant communication, and compassion were great assets during this time, and I would advise anyone to work with her if possibleI am not sure I would have been accepted without her help!” — P.T., NYU Stern School of Business

“I’ve been admitted to NYU Stern! I am absolutely thrilled!! Finally, I am going somewhere after two years of trying. Thank you very much for your essay editing service and advice on my reapplication to NYU Stern. There is no way I could have done it without your help. Your service definitely gives the best value out of all the consultants that I hired in the past.” — J.K., NYU Stern School of Business

“Although my work experience was strong, I was concerned that my undergraduate GPA of 2.7 and my pedestrian GMAT score would limit my admissions prospects, most certainly with the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, my first-choice school. Working with Deborah proved to be one of the best decisions I made in pursuing my MBA. She provided insight into my future career path by sharing her own experiences as a management consultant and helped me craft a strong application by encouraging me to focus on my post-MBA goals. Her perceptive comments and skillful editing dramatically improved the quality of my MBA-application essays. It was a pleasure to work with someone who was so friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive. I am happy to say that I have been admitted to Ross and will start the MBA program this fall. I highly recommend Deborah to anyone who is serious about going to a top graduate business school.” — M.C., University of Michigan Ross School of Business

“I really have the feeling after talking for two hours over the phone [during our in-depth interview] that you know me better than a lot of my friends do. You really got the essence of me and have helped me articulate it in a way that sounds inspiring.” — K.C., University of Oxford Said Business School

“Having been rejected by two top-tier master’s programs, I decided to use Deborah’s services to apply to MIT’s System Design and Management (SDM) program. Her initial data-gathering interview was so in depth that she identified key aspects of my past to feature in the application that were actually a surprise to my fiancée. I was also impressed by how much effort Deborah put into my application in a short amount of time; since she was not familiar with SDM, she did a lot of legwork and also forwarded material related to social entrepreneurship to help me clarify my post-degree goals. Even though my academic background and GRE score weren’t extraordinary, she helped me pinpoint and highlight my uniqueness. While I could barely imagine going to such a prestigious school even in my dreams, today I was accepted at MIT. I’m so happy with the help I’ve received that I’ve already referred a friend who will need MBA-application assistance later this year to Deborah.” — B.S., MIT System Design and Management